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Terms and conditions:

The signing of the contract implies knowledge and acceptance of terms and conditions.

¤ Reservation and deposit:

Rates are per room night.
If the villa is free, the Villa Bali will arrange for the customer to keep his house until the time of his departure. Reservations are made by a number of people determined to stay in the city reserved.
It is forbidden to sublet, or to accept other clients without the written consent of The Villa Bali.
The prices reported include all taxes and charges set out below.
They are expressed in Euros and presented, in general, a week rental.
Rates are set with the owners and vary depending on the services offered by the villas and its owner, the rental periods and services selected in advance by the tenant.
No dispute about the price of the stay will be taken into account after signing the contract. It is the tenant to enjoy before departure if the price is right.

The villas can be rented weekly, monthly or for long weekends (TBD). Availability must be confirmed by La Villa Bali by phone or email

All reservation requests must be made in writing on the website of La Villa Bali or by telephone, and state the reference of the villa and the desired dates for rental. The tenant will have had confirmation by La Villa Bali by email or phone. You can now pre book your rental period to tie sending an email to the following address, this does not commit you to anything. Making contact and firm confirmation from you validate whether our agreement for the lease.
The reservation request must be accompanied by a down payment equal to 30% of the total amount of the rent by bank transfer. The balance will be made upon arrival in the villa.
The location will be confirmed on the day of receipt of this deposit and the tenant will be notified.
If the booking is made less than 7 days before arrival, the rental period must be paid in full.
Pre bookings have a duration of the validity of 7 days.

In case of non respect of this period, the lease may be canceled automatically.

¤ Terms of arrival and departure

The tenant must confirm the exact day and time and flight number of arrival 48 hours before the start of the rental.
A representative of the agency's Villa Bali to host (s) tenant (s) upon arrival in Bali to explain the different terms related to the location and general operation of the villa. The villas are delivered clean and in perfect working order.
We rely upon the arrival of tenants a mobile phone (a deposit of 50 euros will be requested and returned at the end of stay), a sheet comprising the favorite places of Bali, and a list of different activities that we offer. (Rafting, day to Nusa Lembongan, ascent of the volcano ...)

Upon arrival, owners are required to report their tenants to the police when they entered the villa. Thus, the person in charge of the villa on your arrival you will be asked a photocopy of your passport.

Water, gas and electricity are included in the rent, and daily cleaning of the villa, garden maintenance and pool. The tenant is not personally involved in the machinery of the pool or any other system on the leased property All our properties are rented with linen, towels, sheets, etc ...

Each institution belonging to different owners offers comfort and a different environment. La Villa Bali acts as agent and can not be held responsible for electrical problems or other irregularities that may occur during the stay.
The tenant and his family are responsible for their objects, personal belongings, money etc.. Bali Villa and can not be held responsible for any loss of items and money.

The house must be clean and in same condition as at the beginning of the lease. The owner may require a cleaning fee or additional repairs otherwise.

Pets are not welcome on the island of Bali

¤ Nuisance

All villas have been carefully visited by La Villa Bali. They all meet specific criteria as defined by La Villa Bali. Neither the owner of the villa or the agency's Villa Bali can not be held responsible for any irregularities that may occur in the electric utilities, water, etc ....
Similarly, work sites, and various events from private or public will not be opposed to the agency.

¤ Terms of cancellations / changes:

At any time, the tenant may cancel the booking. However, the act of renting villas is not comparable to other more traditional tourist services (hotel room, etc ....), The commitment made by the rental agency to the owner no longer be called into question from a certain time. The cancellation of the traveler prior to departure and resulting charges used by the agency, the amount varies according to the date on which the cancellation will occur.
Any cancellation or amendment must be sent directly to the agency's Villa Bali.
The following scale determines fees retained by La Villa Bali.
Cancellation between 90 and 30 days before entering the premises, the cancellation fee is 25% of the rent; cancellation less than 30 days before entering the premises, the cancellation fee is 50 % of total rental.
Spent the day time, no claim will be considered

Any interrupted or shortened stay, or any service not used, does not give rise to any refund.

¤ For the owner:

The owner, agrees to provide space under the agreement and in perfect condition and clean installation. The amount of equipment must be sufficient to accommodate the number of people under the contract and the furniture must be in good working order. The owner is fully responsible for the quality, operation and general equipment of the villa he proposes.
Work on the maintenance of the property can not be imposed on the agency's Villa Bali.

"Legal status and length of the contract:

The provision of this service means always included in a home left in a normal state of rental properties.
Rentals are entered as a temporary residence and pleasure.
The lease automatically ceases upon the expiry of the term fixed in the lease, the tenant also has his home address as stated in the lease.
The lease can be extended without the prior written consent of the agency's Villa Bali.
The premises can not be used as a main or even secondary and the tenant may not practice any business, craft or profession. "

The final reservation of the villa implies acceptance of these conditions.
We will always be present in Bali and available to help resolve any concerns and to facilitate or make your stay pleasant.

La Villa Bali